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polis 21: urban interventions

Think Tank for New Urban Spaces

Which social, economic and cultural challenges are involved in current urban developments in Western Europe and Eastern Europe? Which courses of action arise, as a result?

polis 21: urban interventions devotes itself to these leading questions in its exchange with: architects, artists, representatives of the creative industry, sociologists, town and real estate developers, as well as politicians. The international dialogue forum is an initiative of the RDI Group (Moscow, Vienna) and TRIAD Berlin. 

  • 客户:
  • RDI集团
  • 德立柏林自主项目
  • 地点:
  • Wien, Österreich
  • 年份:
  • 2013

As an interdisciplinary, inter-institutional dialogue forum, polis 21 appears in different cities and is, thereby, linked to local participants and partners from all over the world. The aim, in particular, is to put cultural, national and local features into the spotlight.


In the next step, polis 21 wants to cooperate with decision-makers in urban development, both in an advisory capacity and as the initiator of new projects. Due to the long-standing roots of the main participants in Eastern Europe, the Forum has a particular responsibility there.


The prelude to polis 21: urban interventions took place within the framework of the Vienna art fair, VIENNAFAIR The New Contemporary 2013. Another dialogue forum took place at the opening of Moscow: urban space, which was held in 2014 at the 14th Architecture Biennale in Venice.