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24h Berlin

One Day in Life

As founding partner of the large-scale TV project "24h Berlin", TRIAD Berlin was responsible for the organization of events, online communication, public relations, and the acquisition of sponsors. Documenting a day in the life of the metropolis, "24h Berlin" paints the portrait of a city full of contrasts and energy.   

  • 客户:
  • 德法公共电视台
  • zero one film
  • 柏林勃兰登堡广播公司(RBB)
  • 柏林勃兰登堡媒体促进公司
  • 柏林勃兰登堡媒体机构
  • 地点:
  • Berlin
  • 年份:
  • 2008

On the day of broadcast, audiences could watch "24h Berlin" not only on their home TVs, but also at more than 50 screening locations across the city. The main event gave Berliners the opportunity to join the creators and protagonists of the project for all-day panel discussions.     


Rewarding the courage of its creators, the TV event scored record-breaking viewing figures and received a great deal of national media coverage. In 2010, "24h Berlin" was nominated for an Adolf Grimme Award in the "Information and Culture" category and won both a Bavarian TV Award and a German Television Award in the "Outstanding Achievements in the Field of Information" category.