Themed Workshop

Factory for Urban Future

A Radical Experiment

In the heart of Berlin, in the centre of Europe, a temporary, multifunctional architectural complex is to be created, the “Factory for Urban Future”. As a shop window, an incubator and think tank, it tells of the fascination of cities and their future. Whether energy supply or mobility, waste or education, water cycles or sheltered housing – where are we going and how will live in the future?


As a multifunctional organism, the Factory for Urban Future spans the city. It should be a place to think and plan, to experiment and fantasise, to develop and reject. The brand collects multifarious, corresponding activities: temporary exhibitions, conferences, workshops, competitions etc. The Factory for Urban Future combines tradition with the future, it integrates the interests and needs of new and old inhabitants and thus becomes the incubator of a modern and forward-looking city. And it represents, not least, the special character of a city, which – being local, national as well as international – should be used in the process of qualified city branding.


The Factory for Urban Future accommodates and reconciles the diverse interests and perspectives of the players in urban planning, in the urban and regional infrastructures – energy, transport and raw material management – and also of those in the institutions of learning and research as well as of those engaged in civic activities.

  • 客户
  • 德立柏林自主项目
  • 地点:
  • Berlin
  • 年份:
  • 2014