Concept Design

Concept Design Hoteneum

Tradition meets Modernity

The Hoteneum, a symbiosis of bionic hotel and activity centre, has been designed to boost the island of Liangzi in the southeast of the province Hubei as a tourist attraction. Liangzi is also known as the “Land of Fish and Rice”, the population is employed primarily in the fishing and tourist industries.

  • 客户
  • 北京摩码置业
  • 地点:
  • Ezhou, China
  • 年份:
  • 2012


15.000 m2

TRIAD Shanghai and TRIAD Berlin are in charge of the architectonic and scenographic overall concept of the Hoteneum. The design by TRIAD Shanghai and TRIAD Berlin is based on the three principles LEARNING, MARVELING and LIVING. Local myths and legends about the island form the narrative framework and inspire the guests. The timeless topicality of the stories, the modern design and natural charm of the island should ensure a unique experience for the visitors.


With the vision of a 5-star tourist attraction Liangzi should become an attractive holiday destination not only in summer but also throughout the year. The modern character of the Hoteneum combined with the unspoiled nature of the location will make it a unique selling proposition in the global context.