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"Industry 4.0" is currently being sold as a magic formula. It conjures technological innovations in the high-tech industry associated with intelligent networking between virtual and "real world" systems. Automation and optimization of the production processes constitute two of the central themes in the international competition for high-tec locations, for which Germany also promises locational advantages. Industry 4.0 is becoming the central factor in innovation for the sustainability of Germany.

Ask Questions

This euphoria should not allow us to forget that Industry 4.0 currently gives rise to far more questions than it is able to answer. Industry 4.0 is still in its infancy.

Some examples are:

• What are the major issues for the coming years in the field of Industry 4.0?
• What about subject of data security?
• To what extent is the necessity for compatible systems autonomously communicating with each other consistent with privacy policies?
• How shall the integrity of data be ensured for users?
• What effects does the automation and individualization of production have on the development of the labor market?

These are some of the big questions hidden behind industry 4.0 that TRIAD, together with partners and clients, thinks about.


Evolution Instead of Revolution

Like all previous industrial developments, Industry 4.0—the fourth evolutionary stage of industrialization—also brings with it social issues. The task ahead is to achieve greater awareness of the social impact of digital technology on our lives. We must invest more in basic research and the social sciences. This, too, is Industry 4.0.


The Internet of People

TRIAD provokes inquisitive behavior. Our interest is not only in what is technically possible today but, also, what social consequences will arise out of it tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Our focus is an INTERNET OF PEOPLE that emerges parallel to the Internet of Things and the Internet of Services.

• How does a medium-sized company on the way to automation take its employees along with it on the journey?
• How does knowledge about engineering-based specialized content arise out of the complex issues of Industry 4.0?
• What new business models does Industry 4.0 hold? What new forms of work might emerge?
• How can an understanding of the necessary changes in society be generated?


Shaping Society

A space was jointly developed for these and other questions by TRIAD Berlin and its clients. In an interdisciplinary network of partners from the areas of: technology, social science, culture, design, and organizational development, new design approaches that are visual, tangible and—where appropriate—vulnerable are being developed using the central themes of Industry 4.0.

These can be structural measures such as prototypes for networked production lines, or temporary exhibitions of innovative applications. Also, they can be communication platforms and interdisciplinary discourse spaces in which networked transdisciplinary topics are discussed and explored.

The unifying element in all areas is the networking of knowledge and the creation of a basis for communication upon which knowledge can be transformed and converted into practical action.

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