Key Subject

The future lab

An initiative by TRIAD Berlin and DIE DENKBANK

The (entrepreneurial) world abounds in so-called “future formats”: conferences for lateral thinkers, innovation workshops or interdisciplinary think-tanks wherever one looks. Nevertheless, many of these initiatives leave their participants with a sense of dissatisfaction. Too much of a muchness, not enough surprises, not enough creativity.

The future lab is different. Founded in 2013 as a joint initiative by TRIAD Berlin and DIE DENKBANK, it presents topical themes from unusual perspectives and addresses developments at the interface of economic, scientific and societal constellations. Whether workshop, panel discussion or lecture evening – the future lab events are always implemented by a handpicked selection of speakers and guests from the TRIAD Berlin/ DENKBANK network.

DIE DENKBANK + TRIAD Berlin = Consultation meets creative industry

The future lab is made for all those who know that change begins by asking the right questions – questions that generate uncertainty. 
The future lab pushes the boundaries of the intellectual network bastions and becomes the exchange and networking platform for a creative intelligentsia outside the usual stakeholder pigeonholes.


The future lab is:

• Succinct – short provocative statements 
• Excellent – meticulous selection of speakers and guests
• Sustainable – presenting themes and theses that are memorable and trigger impulses
• Collaborative – listening, answering, assuming responsibility

4 Format Logics

The future lab takes place in diverse variants. Apart from the initiative events by the partners
DIE DENKBANK and TRIAD Berlin, we also offer the format exclusively to our clients.


Exclusively for clients

The future lab as early recognition tool for clients’ requirements: we address topics and offer them to (potential) clients


TRIAD Berlin and DIE DENKBANK as authors

The core model: we develop themes and offer them to our network and to selected stakeholders from other sectors

The client as author

The client defines the topic. We advise, refine and implement.


Docking onto brain trusts 

We organise workshops with committees of experts selected in accordance with the topic.