Jubilee & Opening

WITTENSTEIN Innovation Factory

The Factory of the Future

The opening of WITTENSTEIN AG's Innovation Factory marked the beginning of a new era of industrial development and production. For the opening ceremony, TRIAD Berlin devised a tailor-made event whose themes and esthetics reflected the guiding principle of the new mechatronics center. 

  • Client
  • Location:
  • Igersheim, Deutschland
  • Year:
  • 2014



At the Innovation Factory, WITTENSTEIN AG's visions of sustainability and Industry 4.0 become a reality. The factory's distinguishing feature is that all steps of production – from development and manufacturing to logistics and administration – were woven together to form a coherent organism. For this reason, TRAID Berlin chose the motto of "Growing Together" for the opening ceremony, focusing on the principle of dialogue in both the spatial design and the schedule of the event. TRIAD Berlin was responsible for the development and design as well as for the planning, coordination, and implementation of the festivities.  


Some 550 people attended the opening of WITTENSTEIN AG's new development and production facility. The event efficiently communicated the WITTENSTEIN philosophy to both the company's staff and the public.