VIP Event & Gala

25 Years of ASTRA

An Exclusive Night at the Art-Bunker

On the occasion of ASTRA's 25th anniversary, Triad Berlin developed a concept for an exclusive and unique VIP dinner.

Together with ASTRA's executive directors and art collectors Christian and Karen Boros, prominent figures from the media business spent an exceptional night at Kunstbunker Berlin, a converted bunker in the central borough of Mitte. After a guided tour of the impressive Boros collection, the guests were invited to a reception and a culinary treat at the couple's penthouse.  

  • Client
  • Location:
  • Berlin
  • Year:
  • 2010



In terms of exclusivity, the evening was a truly unique experience. "With this event, we were able to leave a lasting impression on our clients," said Wolfgang Elsässer, Managing Director of ASTRA Deutschland.