Urban Age: Electric City

London Calling

The 2012 edition of the event focused on energy-efficient technologies as well as the electrification of cities and its impact on urbanization. TRIAD Berlin was in charge of the development, planning, and implementation of the conference, an informal welcome reception, and an evening event for invited guests. 

  • Clients:
  • Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft
  • LSE
  • Location:
  • Circus Space, London
  • Year:
  • 2012

What could be a more fitting venue for the event than a former electric power station? Shoreditch's "Electric Light Station" served as an architectural allegory of the key theme of the conference. The deliberately minimalist combination of light, colors, and projections allowed guests to experience the aura of the raw and primal brick masonry.


The focus topics of the conference emphasized the necessity to rethink the entire metabolism of megacities: It is of vital importance to develop new strategies of collaboration between different sectors on the basis of innovative energy management systems.