Exhibition Stand

Spitzke at InnoTrans 2008

The Spitzke Brand Experience

The exhibition stand design aimed at communicating Spitzke's three core brand values: vision, competence, and exchange. TRIAD Berlin developed a spatial concept that, on several levels, provided spaces for knowledge transfer, encounters, and enthusiasm for the brand.


  • Client
  • SPITZKE Group
  • Location:
  • Berlin Messe
  • Year:
  • 2008



The Square of Exchange multimedia communication center was at the heart of the stand. With its media walls and modules for lectures and audiences, the center served as a place of communication and interaction as well as a space for presentations, discussions, and shows. Catering to the demand for exclusivity, the Lounge of Expertise provided a space for in-depth conversation. Moreover, several events that were realized by TRIAD Berlin drew a lot of attention to the stand.

The stand design triggered a process of change at Spitzke. Following the event, the company started to adjust its entire brand image to the modern design of the exhibition stand.