Stone Fresh Frozen Yogurt Brand

Fresh Look for Stone Fresh

Stone Fresh, an US based healthy lifestyle brand approached TRIAD to design their first two stores in Mainland China. The brand’s leitmotif features a 3D graphical concept, which playfully creates a depth in space and a relaxing atmosphere. 

  • Client
  • Stone Fresh
  • Location:
  • Shanghai, China
  • Year:
  • 2015

Stone Fresh offers American influenced recipes for healthy, fresh frozen yoghurts, juices and energy snacks.  Inspired by origami art, the brand and interior designed by TRIAD follows a mountain-forest landscape theme with details of wooden materials, swings, and picnic baskets. These design elements create a surrounding in which customers can get away from their daily rush. A modular design approach allows a continuous application for the brand’s future store implementations by providing a distinctive style with a strong visual identity.