Exhibition Event

siemens at glasstec 2016

Digitalization in the Glass Industry

TRIAD Berlin designed and implemented a show concept for Siemens’ trade show appearance at glasstec in Düsseldorf. In order to grab the attention of the viewers and convey information about the technology company, the format was specially tailored to the public at the world’s leading trade fair for the glass industry.

  • Client
  • Siemens
  • Location:
  • Düsseldorf
  • Year:
  • 2016

TRIAD Berlin put together a storyboard to clearly illustrate the digitalization of the glass industry and Siemens’ strategies. A graphic recorder made live sketches of proposed methods and future plans. A performative double presentation expanded upon the content and actively engaged the viewers. The information was delivered in such a way as to make the complex material interesting for both laymen and professionals. The technology company has used the sustainably designed show concept beyond the exhibition to educate their employees.

The combination of graphic elements and aural expansion allowed TRIAD Berlin to successfully engage the attention of the exhibition visitors and to playfully visualize the digitalization strategies of Siemens.