Approach and Creative Concept

Shanghai Industrial Park

The City's New Creative Center

TRIAD Berlin is advising the East Best Group investment company and the City of Shanghai on the development of the Shanghai Industrial Park, which is currently being built on the former World Expo site in Puxi. 

  • Client
  • East Best Group
  • Location:
  • Shanghai, China
  • Year:
  • 2014

Illustrating China's rapid industrial and economic development since the 18th century, the Shanghai Industrial Museum is at the heart of the site. Moreover, the creative industry will find a new home at the industrial park. Plans include futuristic offices and a conference center, providing the ideas factories for the future with a flexible and creative environment.


Shanghai has experienced unparalleled industrial and economic growth throughout the last 200 years. After hosting the most successful world exhibition of all time, the metropolis now focuses on raising its profile in the cultural and creative spheres.