Touring Exhibitions

Rock! Youth and Music in Germany

Germany Rocks!

In cooperation with the BPB / Forum for Contemporary History of the History House Foundation of the Federal Republic of Germany, TRIAD Berlin designed and implemented a world-class traveling exhibition. 

  • Client
  • BPB
  • Location:
  • Bonn
  • Year:
  • 2006




4,000 m2

In Berlin alone, Rock! allowed more than 115,000 people to experience Rock music by looking back through music history at 50 years of Rock music and youth culture, with an East-West comparison.

Some 1,200 exhibits and accompanying sound bites showed the relationship between Rock music and a new universal youth culture, and offered an experience for the eyes and ears to visitors of all generations.

The drumsticks of Ringo Starr, the steel drums of Einstürzende Neubauten, and a letter from Elvis Presley to his "Dear Friends in Germany," (which appeared in Bravo magazine in 1957) were all included in the sights and sounds of the exhibition.

Rock! received a record number of visitors in Berlin, Leipzig and Bonn, and all major newspapers reported on the attraction in their editorials.