Corporate Event // Roadshow

Reliable Energy for the Future

Hitting the Gas 

The TurkStream pipeline is planned to supply Turkey with natural gas from Russia. TRIAD Berlin is currently developing the TurkStream Truck, which is expected to travel Turkey this year to provide the inhabitants of both small towns and big cities with information.  

The goal of the roadshow is to inform people about the current state of planning as well as safety and environmental issues. TRIAD Berlin is working on a mobile exhibition that will use, e.g., augmented reality to illustrate the wide variety of applications of natural gas. The centerpiece of the truck is a 3D model visualizing the on- and offshore pipeline construction process. An interactive media wall allows visitors to learn about the safety, sustainability, and economic benefits of natural gas production.       

The "Reliable Energy for the Future" truck's mission will be to provide the Turkish population with information and to create enthusiasm for this exceptional project among local partners and companies. 

  • Client
  • South Stream
  • Location:
  • Turkey
  • Year:
  • 2012