Qinghai Solar Museum

The Power of the Sun

The Delingha government has asked TRIAD to produce a design concept and plan the Qinghai Solar Museum. This museum highlights the potential of solar energy and encourages investments in the region's solar industry. 

  • Client
  • Delingha
  • Location:
  • Delingha
  • Year:
  • 2018

The complex topic of solar energy is examined in a space covering 5,000 square meters. The scenography concept comprises three tours that are tailored to the needs of different visitor groups. In the exhibition, everything revolves around the power of the sun. Starting with ancient sun worship, the history of the use of solar energy is told, including photovoltaic technology and today's solar industry. In addition to many exhibits, the museum also houses a spectacular immersive cinema. 


The appealing information transfer in the Qinghai Solar Museum gets visitors interested in the subject and promotes solar energy as an important renewable energy source.