Media Installation

Museum of Communication

Mankind cannot not communicate

How do we learn to speak? How do images appear on television? What impact does the internet have on our communication behavior? These questions among many others are answered at the Museum of Communication in Nuremberg.  

  • Client
  • Museum für Kommunikation Nürnberg
  • Location:
  • Nuremberg, Germany
  • Year:
  • 2010

The new permanent exhibition gives visitors unique and comprehensive access to the theme of communication. The media installation by TRIAD Berlin in the entrance hall has especial importance, it introduces visitors to the theme of communication and functions as a prologue for the entire exhibition.

The media installation draws in the visitors with familiar images and sounds from their every day multimedia surroundings and places the fragments in new, complex and amusing contexts. On two room sized projection screens, visitors can experience the three modalities of communication – listening, seeing, writing – and are so attuned to the theme of communication and its representation in the new permanent exhibition.