Corporate Event

Moving Minds – CCE All Hands Meeting

Moving Minds  

For the management consultancy BearingPoint, TRIAD Berlin has developed the event “Moving Minds – CCE All Hands Meeting 2016”. Geared towards corporate design and corporate identity the creative agency has visually transformed the venues Tempodrom and Postbahnhof. 

  • Client
  • BearingPoint
  • Location:
  • Berlin
  • Year:
  • 2016

Under the motto “Moving Minds”, 1,300 consultants have come together to blast open thought patterns and to acquire agility and motivation. Based on the corporate identity of BearingPoint, TRIAD Berlin has developed a event specific key visual as well as a corporate sound design. The progressive stage design, structural elements, as well as visually adaptable media surfaces all reflect the corporate design and make it come alive during the entire event. With live projection technology the audience is interactively integrated in the event program as well as in the panel discussions.  In addition, a dual room concept with an atmospheric networking area and a party area with a view of the Eastside Gallery ensure an appropriate ambience. 

The innovative implementation of the “All Hands Meeting” by TRIAD Berlin promotes motivation and team spirit and strengthens day-to-day business.