Themed World

KopfSachen at experimenta 2019

Experience creates knowledge 

The experimenta in Heilbronn offers a world of knowledge and experience unique in Europe on its area of around 25,000 square meters. With its iconic new building and its renovated existing building, it is the largest science center in Germany.


  • Client
  • experimenta
  • Location:
  • Heilbronn, Germany
  • Year:
  • 2019

Designed by TRIAD Berlin on 800 square meters with around 40 unique interactive exhibits, the “KopfSachen” exhibition explains how people experience the world in complex and diverse ways. Visitors of all ages sharpen their perceptions at experimenting stations, engage with motor skills and understand the brain’s control processes. In addition, visitors’ communicative and social nature is challenged. Even with repeated visits, the exhibits developed by TRIAD let visitors always discover new things.

"KopfSachen" addresses the complexity of the relationship between people, nature and technology, offering new and unusual perspectives from its multitude of interactive experiences and experiments.