Interactive Model ALight

Let there be light!

An interactive architectural model, a futuristic-looking city in miniature format. Then there is light – simply by pointing a finger. “ALight” is the latest creation from the eLab, TRIAD Berlin’s very own in-house innovation laboratory.

  • Client
  • TRIAD Berlin’s own initiative
  • Location:
  • Berlin
  • Year:
  • 2014

The white, asymmetrically shaped buildings of ALight begin to light up simply by means of a gesture. This is made possible by a special camera, the leap-motion-controller. In order to work out what a finger is pointing at the controller simply needs its co-ordinates and the direction in which it is pointing. The further choreography of the application develops from the imagination of the user as well as the interplay of mathematics and virtual space.


The illuminated blocks of the ALight exhibit are only the beginning, for at TRIAD Berlin all developments from the eLab also form the origin of new ideas. Everything can be activated that is controllable: whether informative screens, auditive contributions or kinetic installations.