Interactive Exhibits


Hands-on Medical Technology

After the success of the 2008 "LaserLab" project, TRIAD Berlin designed the "MedLab" for TRUMPF Medical Technology's self-presentation at IdeenPark Technik, a technology adventure for children and youths  

  • Client
  • TRUMPF Group
  • Location:
  • Messe Essen
  • Year:
  • 2012


600 m2

Three separate exhibits gave children and adults the opportunity to find out more about the need for and applications of light and joints in medical technology. Discovering things through play was at the core of the interactive exhibition. Visitors could use various joints from a construction kit to build a robotic arm and, thus, learn more about how different types of joints work. Besides, the exhibits allowed them to test their own skills: The task was to navigate a ring attached to the end of a jointed arm through a maze of wires without touching them – and within an allotted time.


The "MedLab" enabled TRUMPF to explain processes in medical technology even to the youngest in society and to spark their interest in highly complex subjects. This way, the company helps students and youngsters with an interest in technology find their vocation.