Interactive Exhibits

BMW Group at the IAA 2007

The All-MINI Experience

For the presentation of the new MINI Clubman at the IAA international automobile exhibition, TRIAD Berlin created several interactive exhibits that focused on driving pleasure and movement. The exhibits communicated highly complex product and technology features in an easy-to-grasp and playful manner.

  • Client
  • BMW Group
  • Location:
  • Frankfurt am Main
  • Year:
  • 2007

An innovative driving game allowed visitors to experience the MINI Clubman core product characteristics of Agility and Customization. Using a wireless steering wheel that could be moved freely throughout the room, visitors navigated their way through a varied urban landscape. Providing eight examples of typical MINI drivers and their customized cars, an interactive exhibit illustrated the new options and diversity in the field of vehicle configuration.  


With its interactive exhibits, TRIAD Berlin perfectly addressed the innovative and creative target group of the MINI brand, showing once more that complex subject can be conveyed in a playful way.