Interactive Exhibit

Cube Cat

We Catify Berlin

The Cube Cat interactive exhibit was the first creative project of TRIAD Berlin's "eLab", an in-house innovation lab that was established in 2013 and combines a prototype lab with an interactive exhibition. At the WE CREATE BERLIN design show, the Cube Cat was presented to the public for the first time.    


  • Client
  • Location:
  • Volkswagen Automobil Forum, Berlin
  • Year:
  • 2013


800 m2

The Cube Cat used an experimental capacitive touch sensor to detect the fingers or hands of users. Coupled with a microcontroller, the sensor then triggered an action: When visitors touched the interactive nose of the 2.5-meter-high exhibit that had been constructed of white cardboard boxes, the cat poked out its tongue – and revealed a sticker with the invitation to visit the Cube Cat Facebook page. Here, visitors could find out more about the exhibition and other events in Berlin.    


The interactive exhibit was conceived and created by TRIAD Berlin's "Junge Runde" – a group that brings together young talent from various backgrounds to promote each individual's skills.