Impulse of Innovation

Technical history rewritten

TRIAD has created a permanent exhibition for Siemens at its company headquarters in Munich. Covering an area of 220 square meters, it gives visitors, clients and interested parties the chance to learn more about the volatile past and present of the company and to catch a glimpse of future visions for the worldwide leading technological company.  

  • Client
  • Siemens
  • Location:
  • Munich, Germany
  • Year:
  • 2016

Three key topics are highlighted with an intuitively experienced multimedia exhibition concept: sustainable energy, future of manufacturing, and intelligent infrastructure. A “corporate window” made up of four 55'' monitors with “floating” frames and a timeline with a sliding screen and multimedia panels document the impact Siemens has had on technological history. Furthermore, innovations, products, and technologies are presented interactively. Visitors can become energy managers or see the city of the future from a bird's eye view.


With a combination of conventional exhibition and medial staging, TRIAD Berlin has succeed in portraying the eventful history of the company in a way that is engaging for laymen as well as professionals.