Hunter Gatherer

The Food Revolution

Revolutionizing Chinese food culture – this is Hunter Gatherer's corporate philosophy. The company's second food store in Shanghai aims at strengthening and optimizing the brand with a unique visual identity. 

  • Client
  • Hunter Gatherer
  • Location:
  • Shanghai
  • Year:
  • 2016

Hunter Gatherer is all about "real food" grown and harvested at the company's own, closely monitored farms. Fresh products without chemical additives are delivered directly to customers. TRIAD developed a store design that reflects the "real food" philosophy, illustrates Hunter Gatherer's entrepreneurial approach, and provides a contemporary customer experience. With its open kitchen, the restaurant area invites customers to try some "real food" and take it home with them right away.       

Incorporating the company logo and using natural materials, colors, and shapes, the store design visualizes Hunter Gatherer's corporate philosophy, strengthens its corporate identity, and promotes customer retention.  

The US-based company strongly believes in the emergence of a "real food" movement that is still in its infancy in China. With its two stores in China, Hunter Gatherer contributes to revolutionizing Chinese food culture.