Home Park Food Store

Enter the world of good taste

Harbin’s gourmets and chefs alike have a top destination for high-quality food. Located in Harbin’s Qunli district’s GRAND Shopping Mall Harbin, the Home Park Food Store sets new standards in design and exclusivity.

  • Client
  • China Grand Enterprises
  • Location:
  • Harbin
  • Year:
  • 2014

TRIAD China has designed a vivid space that invites the customer to discover a wide variety of healthy high-quality products on more than 7,200 square meters by guiding through an elaborate room-to-room concept – a journey into a European styled design world. 

Each area of the store such as “The Barn“, “The Fish Market“ or “The Warehouse“ features its own distinct design representing its product selection. In the Home Park Food Store, shopping becomes a very special experience for the customers.