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Hoerbiger Foyer

In Focus: Body and Soul

For HOERBIGER, TRIAD Berlin designed and implemented - in close collaboration with the client's communication experts - a 600 square meter multi-functional and completely unique type of forum at a new location in Aspern, Vienna.

  • Client
  • Hoerbiger
  • Location:
  • Vienna
  • Year:
  • 2017

The forum is designed as a hub that connects all the functional areas of the building complex. The versatile room is the first point of contact for clients, a meeting place for employees, a showroom and brand space. The HOERBIGER forum consolidates the past, the present, and the future of the international technology company into a unique multimedia experience. In the center of the room is the HOERBIGER beacon light pulsating in red and blue, which serves as a symbol for the activity and creativity of the employees. The radiance of the LED panel corresponds to actual traffic in the data networks.

The 26 revolving columns that form the architectural framework of the room are also its defining design element. They make up a unique kinetic sculpture that comes to life with a finely tuned interaction of movement and media staging. In “Big Picture Mode” the 68 monitors built into the columns transform into an almost 16 meter wide projection screen. Digital polygonal presentations allow fantastic living worlds to form. Together with interspersed employee statements, they visualize the vision and mission, the business concept and strategy of the company in the context of forward looking technologies for the 21st century.

Touch screens invite interaction and impart information about HOERBIGER's origin and values. Around 300 retrievable employee testimonials from the “Oral History Project”, randomly compiled by artificial intelligence, give a long-lasting impression of the corporate culture in just a short amount of time.

With the variable room concept and a multifaceted range of information, TRIAD Berlin and HOERBIGER corporate communications have succeeded in creating a multimedia innovation that inspires and motivates. The image, the personality and the character of the HOERBIGER brand are made tangible and in doing so the body and the soul of the company continue to remain in focus.