Brand Environment

Hilti Brand World

Giving Hilti a Home

Hilti AG supplies the global construction industry with leading-edge products, systems, and services. As every brand needs a home, TRIAD Berlin designed and produced a brand world located at the new Hilti headquarters in Liechtenstein.

  • Client
  • Hilti
  • Location:
  • Schaan, Liechtenstein
  • Year:
  • 2007


1,000 m2

The design of the exhibits is characterized by materials like concrete, steel, and wood as Hilti specializes in the development of tools and technologies for working these materials. To create a clear connection to the brand without using the logo itself, Hilti's corporate color red was used for most elements of the exhibition.


For the emotional Customer Testimonials section, a small-scale 360-degree cinema was created: On the screen, customers talk about their personal "Hilti experiences" and describe product benefits in an authentic manner. The new brand world allows visitors and employees to discover Hilti as a technological leader and family enterprise.