Temporary Exhibition

Herberger's World of Books

The Ball is round

On the occasion of Sepp Herberger's 120th birthday, TRIAD Berlin contributed a scenographic presentation for the homage to the “Chief” at the German Football Museum. With the special exhibition “Herberger's World of Books”, the estate and the thought and work process of the 1954 world trainer was made available to football fans and interested parties. 

  • Client
  • DFB-Stiftung Deutsches Fußballmuseum
  • Location:
  • Dortmund, Germany
  • Year:
  • 2017

Herberger's quotes like “you have to be eleven friends” or  “the ball is round and the game lasts 90 minutes” are well-known to every football fan. By translating his complex strategies and vortex tactics into simple sayings, the legendary trainer succeeded in bringing the players closer to his vision of “simple football”. The fame brought on by the “Miracle of Bern” world champions and Herberger's sayings completely took Germany by surprise. TRIAD Berlin translated the world champion's visions of the future scenographically. An accessible library with solid wood bookshelves and the original workspace (typewriter, desk, and chair) convey the feeling of Herberger's simple and middle-class lifestyle. Around 1,500 books from his estate – meticulously edited with his unreadable handwriting and equipped with complicated tactical markings – give an indication of how the first national coach found inspiration in his books by connecting their contents and re-interpreting them.


With simple scenographic execution and playful graphics, TRIAD Berlin was able to contribute staging that was worthy of the complex personality. “Herberger's World of Books” gave a completely new perspective of the legendary German trainer and confirmed football fans view of him as the ultimate visionary of his time.