Anniversary & Opening

Grand Opening of the CargoLifter Airship Hangar

Gentle Giants                                    

For CargoLifter AG, TRIAD Berlin created two spectacular grand opening events at the company's airship hangar: one for 800 VIPs and one for some 10,000 visitors. The highlight was a breathtaking air space show in the world's largest self-supporting hangar that saw "aeronauts" perform at dizzying heights. 

  • Client
  • CargoLifter AG
  • Location:
  • Berlin
  • Year:
  • 2000

In a daring performance, the rope acrobats unraveled 60 banners from the 100-meter-high hangar roof. Together, the banners formed the shape of a CargoLifter airship. Spatial installations made of containers represented the planned freight units, provided projection surfaces for visual effects, and served as bars for the guests. On a gigantic screen, two specifically produced multi-vision shows were shown: "The Evolution of Transportation" and "The Dream of Flying".

With its event concept, TRIAD Berlin allowed visitors to comprehend the gigantic dimensions of the planned CargoLifter airship for the first time.