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Eifel National Park Visitor Center


An Experience beyond Your Wildest Dreams

"Create an exhibition that sensitizes all visitors of the Eifel region to the beauty of the scenery" – this is the wish formulated by the Eifel National Park Visitor Center. The new exhibition by TRIAD Berlin will be handicapped accessible and is supported by the German Federal Environmental Foundation.

The exhibition illustrates the special characteristics of the nature reserve while incorporating aspects of global environmental protection. Displays showing life in the deadwood, interactive scenarios revealing animals' amazing senses, and further media installations invite visitors to explore the diversity, peculiarities, and beauty of Eifel National Park with all their senses. Models and hands-on exhibits provide fascinating visual and haptic experiences. Visitors with disabilities benefit from this concept as it allows them to enjoy most of the exhibition without the help of others.


  • Client
  • Nationalparkforstamt Eifel
  • Location:
  • Vogelsang, Nationalpark Eifel
  • Year:
  • 2016