Temporary Exhibitions

The Dream of Vision – Age of Televisions

The Birth of TRIAD Berlin

TRIAD Berlin's inaugural project started with an unusual situation: The agency was its own client. After having a "dream of vision", TRIAD founder Lutz Engelke started the project on his own initiative. The TV exhibition at Gasometer Oberhausen was produced in collaboration with the German Museum of Technology.    

  • Client
  • TRIAD Berlin’s own initiative
  • Location:
  • Oberhausen, Gasometer
  • Year:
  • 1997


  • 540.000
  • Awards:
  • Award of the University of Essen Award of the University of Essen
    Award of the University of Essen

On a floor space of 5,000 m2, TRIAD Berlin created an unprecedented exhibition format providing a both loving and critical perspective on the cultural, technological, and everyday history of television. Featuring more than 300 original props, the installations and exhibits took visitors on a trip into the world of television – from Galileo Galilei's telescope to the Internet and from Robert Lembke to Nam June Paik.     

Attracting more than half a million visitors, "The Dream of Vision" became the second-most visited exhibition of 1997 after Documenta X. It is considered the first joint project of private and public broadcasters and was honored with the Intercultural Communication Award of Essen University in 1998.