Projection Mapping

DHL Vision Suite Logistics 2050

Visions of the Future

With the DHL Vision Suite, TRIAD Berlin presented an innovative projection mapping concept. The showroom at the DHL Innovation Center, also developed by TRIAD Berlin, was opened in 2007.

In 2012, the Vision Suite was created to provide an emotional and intriguing filmic experience of future developments in the logistics industry. In the main room of the DHL Vision Suite, the surfaces of stacked-up cubes form a three-dimensional screen measuring 5.5 meters in height. Produced with technological expertise and precision, the films offer an imaginative visual experience.

Dealing with key issues such as "How virtual will  our lives become?", "What will transportation be like in the year 2050?", and "How intelligent will future materials be?", the films bring surfaces to life and allow visitors to catch a glimpse of the future. 


  • Client
  • Deutsche Post DHL
  • Location:
  • DHL Innovation Center, Troisdorf
  • Year:
  • 2012