Exhibition Stand


A German-Chinese Revolution

BDNT, a transnational collaboration between Germany's long-established car builder Daimler and the Chinese battery expert BYD, served as inspiration for an exhibition stand that TRIAD China produced for the China International Green Product and Innovation Show (CIGPITS).  

  • Client
  • Denza
  • Location:
  • Guangzhou, China
  • Year:
  • 2012


140 m2

BDNT is the first joint venture of a German and a Chinese brand that led to the development of a completely new electric vehicle. With their project, the two major players revolutionized the mobility industry. German-Chinese catering as well as German-Chinese hostesses and sustainable giveaways complimented the sophisticated but elegant design of the exhibition stand.


The both emotional and informative trade show appearance offered detailed insights into the future of electric mobility. In a playful and charming manner, the stand allowed visitors to overcome their concerns and reservations about a technology that is still new to many people.