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Creating Climate Wealth Central Europe

"There is no Planet B!"—José Maria Figueres 

The fight against climate change calls for more urgent economic solutions and entrepreneurial initiatives. This is where Creating Climate Wealth Central Europe comes into play. After the success of the first Creating Climate Wealth summit organized by the NGO Carbon War Room (CWR) and TRIAD Berlin, a coalition of participants was founded in May, 2013.

  • Clients:
  • TRIAD Berlin’s own initiative
  • Carbon War Room
  • Location:
  • Berlin
  • Year:
  • 2013

The aim of the initiative is to better link: innovators, entrepreneurs, scientists, consultants, experts, decision-makers from large companies and small to medium-sized companies, and the financial industry, in order that they may jointly push projects which help clean and innovative technologies to create a breakthrough. The initiative has a Central European focus, without losing sight of the worldwide networking of all sectors. It is nothing less than a designed transition from the traditional economy to a new economy, based on efficiency and sustainability—a "low-carbon economy." Since the foundation of the initiative, there are regular thematic workshops about topics such as: “Island Economies,” “Financing,” “E-Mobility,” “Green Big Data,” and “Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment,” among others, which lead to the development of business models and stimulate investment opportunities.


The network offers a platform to business solutions in the implementation of climate- friendly technologies and serves as a catalyst for their implementation. It looks for courageous entrepreneurs who want to flick the switch together—and do it now.