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CP Fresh Mart

Fresh Food - Fresh Design

CP Foods, one of Asia’s largest food companies based in Thailand, commissioned TRIAD China to re-envision the “ CP Fresh Mart” brand with a unique and distinguishing identity and interior design in order to tackle the fierce Chinese market. TRIAD China provides the complete branding and design consultancy. CP Foods goal for 2015 is to establish their new brand of convenience stores in Mainland China, offering more fresh food and ready-to-eat products on a high quality level and 24h availability. 

  • Client
  • CP Group
  • Location:
  • Shanghai
  • Year:
  • 2015

After intense market research and competitor analysis, TRIAD developed the complete branding, which stands for reliability as well as convenience with a unique and fresh visual design. Through a simple and recognizable colour scheme and carefully chosen materials, TRIADS design provides a modern and highly scalable solution with a warm atmosphere.

Welcome to the sunny world of CP Fresh Mart!