Big Screen

China Fortune Future City

How do we live in ten years from now? How do we work, how do we move through our cities, how will we educate our children? 

  • Client
  • China Fortune Land Development
  • Location:
  • Bejing, China
  • Year:
  • 2016

Based on these essential questions, TRIAD envisioned a city of the near future for the city developer CFLD (China Fortune Land Development). 16 projectors and 4 large walls were skillfully choreographed to create an immersive and visionary but realistic outlook into our future city - green, friendly, sustainable and smart. The story follows a young family living in the city of the future.

TRIAD was the leading agency - supported by IMAGE UNIT - in developing the media installation and its content. TRIAD developed the entire content, drew the storyboard, designed the overall visuals and supervised the shooting of the movie. All the green box shots were combined with a high-quality CGI to create a vision of the future. The outcome is a breath taking panoramic vision created for CFLD’s main showroom in Beijing.