Brussels: Digitising Europe Initiative 2016

The End of Privacy?

What impact will Big Data have on Europe's future? And what steps need to be taken to ensure responsible data handling? At the follow-up event to "digitising europe initiative 2015", a panel of experts – including Dr. Linnet Taylor (University of Amsterdam), Kenneth Cukier (The Economist), and European Commissioners Günther Oettinger (Digital Economy and Society) and Vĕra Jourová (Justice, Consumers, and Gender Equality) – discussed these issues in Brussels. 

  • Client
  • Vodafone Institute for Society and Communications
  • Location:
  • Brussels
  • Year:
  • 2016

For the second conference of the event series, TRIAD Berlin developed enhanced media features and put the focus of the computer-generated graphics on Twitter comments. Using geotags (GPS data), a software located and highlighted local Tweets and visualized them on a map of Europe at the center of the screen.

Following the successful opening session in Berlin, the conference in Brussels was the second event of a series that is planned to tour Europe. The concept created by TRIAD Berlin is suitable for various types of events and will be adjusted to the characteristics of the different locations. Next stop: Milan.