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Brandenburg Gate Museum

Film. Sound. Emotion.

The Brandenburg Gate Museum uses the newly created Edutainment format to narrate 300 years of Berlin history. Right in the thick of things, at the Brandenburg Gate, the multimedia show makes past and present history accessible to visitors from all over the world with no language barriers.

  • Client
  • TRIAD Berlin’s own initiative
  • Location:
  • Berlin
  • Year:
  • 2016

With the Brandenburg Gate Museum, TRIAD Berlin has conceived a one of a kind journey through 300 years of Berlin history. A surround system with 38 channels, 87 high tech screens and 180 million pixels allow visitors to witness the revolution, the fall of the wall, or the 2014 World Cup dramatically and up close. An exhibition expands upon the multimedia show, documents the dramatic changes around the Brandenburg Gate, and displays a true to the original replica of the Quadriga charioteer and goddess of victory, Nike.

With the Brandenburg Gate Museum, TRIAD has created an Edutainment format that makes history come alive, imparts knowledge, and answers the question of how education can be successfully linked with entertainment and emotion.