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Simply Clever

In Touch with Škoda

True to the motto "Simply Clever", TRIAD Berlin and Milla und Partner jointly redesigned Škoda's brand pavilion. Some 650 square meters of exhibition and event space were completely overhauled in terms of content and scenography.  

  • Client
  • Škoda AUTO Deutschland
  • Location:
  • Autostadt Wolfsburg
  • Year:
  • 2009


650 m2

The clear white pavilion comprises four experience areas: the Brand Gate, the Vehicle Presentation section, the Highlight Dome, and the Green Zone. At the Brand Gate, interactive media welcome visitors to the pavilion. The focal point of the exhibition is a highlight vehicle surrounded by four interactive compass terminals. The Green Zone covers the whole natural light area of the pavilion and invites visitors to relax. The “Think Green” area provides an immediate experience of the intelligent principles and strategies of nature that Škoda uses as model for the design and technology of its vehicles.


The new pavilion marks the beginning of Škoda's brand relaunch that caters to the demand for a sustainable high-end brand.