Media Installation


An Enchanting Dramaturgy

For the "Together Forever" tour of the highly successful Apassionata horse show, Triad Berlin produced unique films and logo animations to create an ever-changing stage design. A total of 18 films accompanied the entire two-hour show and enhanced the fairytale world of Apassionata.

  • Client
  • Location:
  • Europaweite Show
  • Year:
  • 2011

The media stage design guided audiences through the show and turned it into one coherent narrative. Seamlessly fitting into the overarching concept, the elaborate moving images and animations added to the magical scenery of Apassionata. 500,000 visitors experienced the show in 30 European cities.


TRIAD Berlin also produced all media stage designs and logo animations for the previous Apassionata tours "By the Light of the Stars" (2010) and "Charm of Freedom" (2009). For the DVDs accompanying the show, Apassionata received several notable prizes, such as the LEA Award and a Gold Record.