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Experience Energy

Traveling the Pipeline at Full Speed

How do you turn the topic of "energy" into an adventure for the senses? On behalf of GAZPROM Germania, TRIAD Berlin created an interactive adventure world at Germany's largest theme park in Rust that continues to amaze visitors. Here, even standing in line at the roller coaster is fun. 

  • Client
  • GAZPROM Germania
  • Location:
  • Rust
  • Year:
  • 2010


800 m2


3 millions every year

To provide a vivid brand experience, 360° movies consisting exclusively of digitally produced images are projected onto screens that are 2.5 meters in height and 18 meters in width. Dynamic surround sound and special effects imitating wind and spraying water create an almost real-life scenario. The Pipe Race – a virtual high-speed race through a pipeline – constitutes a highlight of the adventure world.


Attracting some 3 million visitors per year, the exceptional edutainment experience set new standards at Europa-Park and ensures that visitors remember its sponsor GAZPROM in a positive way.