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360° Digitalization Tour

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Analogue and digital Siemens technologies are present in every area of life. TRIAD Berlin presents the group's latest digitalization strategies. Using in-house developed robots, TRIAD Berlin has been working on new presentation formats such as robot and multi-touch tables since 2014. The company is a pioneer in the emerging field of robotics and interactive media.


  • Client
  • Siemens
  • Location:
  • Worldwide (Roadshow)
  • Year:
  • 2015
  • Awards:
  • Art Directors Club (ADC) Award Art Directors Club (ADC) Award
    Art Directors Club (ADC) Award

    German Design Award (Special Mention) German Design Award (Special Mention)
    German Design Award (Special Mention)

The “Siemens 360° Digitalization Tour” used mobile staging to illuminate the digitalization strategies of the company for a specialist audience worldwide. TRIAD Berlin repurposed an industry robot especially for the roadshow. In the middle of a city model, it demonstrated effective Siemens solutions for intelligent networking with the help of a tablet. Interactive smart tables allowed the visitors to use touch to delve more deeply into the prepared multimedia content.

TRIAD Berlin successfully created the perfect conditions to appropriately present futurology with the combination of a futuristic cityscape, and a kinetic robot as well as prepared multimedia content. The great success of the “Siemens 360° Digitalization Tour” in Asia, South and North America, as well as Europe has led to a permanent showroom in Den Haag in conjunction with the ongoing roadshow.