Berlin Global Forum 2015

At the Berlin Global Forum, 200 international executives from the fields of economics, politics, science, culture and civil society are to discuss pressing global issues as well the shared responsibility of Europe and new rising powers for solving them. The Forum, with its specific focus on shared interests and a dialogue on equal footing, is going to be organized by TRIAD Berlin.

  • Client
  • BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt
  • Location:
  • Berlin
  • Year:
  • 2015

The Berlin Global Forum marks the end of a journey that the BMW Stiftung embarked on 2014/2015 traveling to China, Italy, Brazil, Poland and Tanzania with the BMW Foundation Global Table.

Designed as a participation format, the Forum takes place in small, innovative dialogue formats and focuses on the involvement of the participants and their interaction with one another. The workshops are supported by “Live Visual Recording”, a visual add-on by graphic designers who record topics, concepts and theses and visualize them in a combination of image and text. The results are then available once again in the final plenum and to the press, thus giving rise to further speeches and panel discussions.

Additionally to the large-sized drawings on Tyvek-Sails, the interior design of the event is dominated by wooden elements and scaffolding. The interior design reflects Berlins image as an ever-changing city and further stresses the idea of processuality in order to mediate the approach taken by the BMW Foundation.