10th International Bertelsmann Forum

A Meeting for Political Leaders

TRIAD Berlin was in charge of the overall production of the two-day international conference with 50 European state and foreign ministers. The task was to give the historic Weltsaal of Berlin's Foreign Office building a new appearance in terms of symbolism and atmosphere.

  • Client
  • Bertelsmann
  • Location:
  • Auswärtiges Amt, Berlin
  • Year:
  • 2006



TRIAD Berlin created a spatial arrangement that placed every participant in a position to join the European dialogue. A round table that was surrounded by concentric rows of tables formed the heart of the conference architecture – an arrangement reflecting the waves caused by a drop hitting the water surface.


Among the participants were German Chancellor Angela Merkel as well as eleven European Presidents and eleven Foreign Ministers. The elaborate studio and tribune architecture in the Weltsaal attracted a lot of attention and ensured an excellent TV representation of the two-day event. Several hours were broadcast live by n-tv and Phoenix.