TRIAD designs Lenovo Innovation Exhibition Center in Beijing


After winning the international competition, TRIAD is commissioned by Lenovo Beijing Ltd., for the full design and implementation assistance for the Lenovo Innovation Exhibition Center.
The project is located at the Lenovo Headquarter West Campus in Beijing, with 6400sqm gross floor area across 3 floors. The center targets both consumers and Lenovo’s corporate clients. The center invites visitors to experience a digitalized, smart future powered by Lenovo's most cutting edge technologies and services, through a multitude of interactive scenarios.
The multi-disciplinary and multi-national team of TRIAD is currently working on the project. The design services include content design, spatial design and visual communication as well as lighting design, multimedia design, AV planning and MEP consulting. The team is comissioned to see the project through to its completion acceptance.

Media Contact:

Annette Kusche
Corporate Communications / PR
+49 (0) 30 / 2360780 – 314

TRIAD Berlin Projektgesellschaft mbH
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