The Future of the Cities – The Challenge of Eastern Europe


On the evening of July 11th, Lutz Engelke delivered the keynote speech at the annual general meeting of the German Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations (Ost-Ausschuss der Deutschen Wirtschaft). His topic was:

“The Future of the Cities – Economic Activity in the 21st Century – The Challenge of Eastern Europe”.

Invited and advertised as an unorthodox thinker, his speech served exactly the purpose it was meant to: to surprise the audience, to question the limits of economic thinking in terms of quantitative growth and to point out qualitative options lying beyond the conventional debates.

Engelke used his talk to address the rapid transformation of societies, new approaches to doing business and striking contradictions in the systems of the 21st century, with China serving as one of his examples. He outlined parallels to particular developments in Russia and, in this context, he highlighted the role of the cities – in the sense of “global cities” – as harbingers of a post-national era.

You can find more photos here.

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