future lab@TRIAD - exclusive book presentation with Professor Klaus Töpfer


How much innovation does Germany need? How much courage is necessary to really implement the systematic change? What kind of leverage do we have and what remains the same if everything changes?

To discuss these questions, the two editors of “future lab germany” – TRIAD CEO Prof. Lutz Engelke and Dr. Günther Bachmann, General Secretary of the German Council for Sustainable Development – as well as DIE DENKBANK invited to a presentation of the book, coming fresh from the presses, on the evening of July 18th, 2013.

“future lab germany – innovations for tomorrow's world” was published this month by the Murmann publishing house in a German and in an English edition, the occasion being the 75thbirthday of Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer. The authors, representing the fields of politics, industry and society, use their contributions in the book to outline the cornerstones of a green economy that might become one of the strongest export products of Germany.  

DENKBANK partner and co-author Professor Eckard Minx (Chairman Board of Management, Daimler and Benz Foundation) applied himself to the job of moderating the event that was attended by Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer. 

The panel discussion between Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer, Prof. Lutz Engelke and Dr. Günther Bachmann was followed by a spirited and exciting exchange of controversial ideas with the guests in an open dialogue.  

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