The Reign of the Water Snake


February 10 marks the day the Chinese are celebrating a new year. 2013 is characterized by the influence of the water snake, an extremely intelligent, logically thinking, and, above all, creative creature in the Chinese zodiac. This implies that decisions should be well-conceived and not be made spontaneously. In China, the snake is also called “the little dragon”. This is why bad decisions made in the previous Year of the Dragon will have ramifications on events in 2013.
All the more important that fortune is on one's side. The New Year's festival traditionally lasts for a whole week. In this period of time, people are inviting fortune to stay at their houses by leaving doors and windows open and by dispelling night's darkness through light. The light shows fortune its path towards the homes and at the same time keeps evil spirits away. 

The whole team of TRIAD wishes you a magnificent Chinese New Year. 

On that note: 

祝您们蛇年快乐! 万事如意!

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