Explore  Play  Transform

Our approach to project work is characterized by three phases:



Analysis and Strategic Development



With pioneering spirit, we set out on an journey of exploration and boldly venture into new terrain together with our partners. People are at the heart of what we do: Their needs, desires, concerns, and communicative potential define both the starting point and the destination of our expedition. 

Courage and curiosity allow us to go beyond established horizons. The topics we discover are approached from a global perspective and in an integrated and analytic manner. Our ability to turn multifaceted contents into clear, inspiring messages makes us translators of complexity.  



Creation and Design


Childlike play knows no limits – that's why it is the source of true innovation. Nonlinear experiments leave room for visionary, bold, and unconventional ideas. And yet, discovering treasures among "everyday things" and seizing them is not mere child's play. It requires careful consideration, experience, and the keen eye of an expert.

Based on the results of the analytical and strategic phase, we create a wealth of ideas and solutions. Abstract thoughts are visualized through sketches, turned into tangible prototypes, or translated into poetic language. During the subsequent evaluation and selection process, we develop a story outline and, thus, an approach towards a concept.



Putting Things into Practice


We consider ourselves creators of meaning and believe it is our responsibility to co-shape transformation processes, change ways of thinking, and contribute to a meaning- and value-oriented world. We address future questions to create benefits for clients and consumers as well as to improve our environment. Teaming up with our partners, we turn visions into reality.

Putting the creative process of the PLAY phase on solid ground, we develop and refine ways of implementing selected concepts until we have found the perfect solution. Architecture, design, and media are our key creative tools. The final step comprises planning and construction according to the actual scale and materials specifications.